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beabee is your Community Relationship Mangagement platform to run a community-first newsroom. Organise people in your own central database. Engage them with surveys and callouts. Set up your membership scheme.

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  • Lightweight CRM


  • All your contacts in one central database

  • Synchronises with your email provider

  • Create tags and segments to activate sub-communities

  • Update user data easily

  • Set up auto emails and send manual emails based on segments

  • Own user area


  • Give people access to their own user dashboard, where they can

    • Get full transparency over their user data you see
    • update their information and payment details
    • participate in closed callouts
  • Create Callouts


  • Gather input, create surveys, or run simple crowd investigations with the integrated form builder

  • Collect and review community responses or download them as .csv

  • Use best-practice templates shared by other newsrooms

  • Track engagement


  • Let answers directly feed your database

  • Step by step, build up your expert pool in your community

  • Membership builder

Drive revenue

  • Allow people to sign up directly with you, not a third party

  • Collect and manage membership payments

  • Deal with User consent in a GDPR compliant way & more
  • Set up standard amounts to guide people

  • Let people absorb fees for payment providers


No, beabee is not meant to be integrated into a CMS. But beabee runs on your own subdomain and can have your newsrooms look and feel. It’s aimed to give your community a frictionless experience when registering for your community, taking part in surveys or becoming a paying contributor.

So fare we focus on a membership model that work without a paywall The idea is that everyone, no matter what they earn can access your content and participate more in the local democracy. But of course we know that paywalls are a crucial feature for some newsrooms running subscription models, so we have it on our roadmap for the future.

Yes of course! At the moment it’s not even possible to set up beabee on your own (unless you are an open source user). We guide you through the process and provide you with a lot of templates to set up your first onboarding flow for your community members. For you, this takes about 1 to 2 hours of work if you have no other payment tools yet. If we need to migrate data, there is a bit more to it. Just contact us and we can chat through it.

beabee is open source but also works out-of-the-box. Either way, it’s yours: Your tools, your data, your brand, your community.

Become a beta user

We are in a beta phase which means our first few users have a say in what we build next. Get in touch if you’d like to join us and become a beta user.

Open Source users & contributors

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