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beabee is your platform to turn audiences into engaged communities and trust into revenue.

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  • Software

Our software solution

We are building a turn-key solution to run a community-first newsroom:

  • Set up your membership scheme in a few steps

  • Manage and activate your community with one central database

  • Gather community input through integrated surveys, discussion groups and more.

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How does beabee help you build a community

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We are in a beta phase which means our first few users have a say in what we build next. Get in touch if you’d like to join us and become a beta user.

Open Source users & contributors

“Building a community like our ‘Freundeskreis’ is a lot of work. With beabee we get a tool that solves our admin pain points and gain time for more journalistic community collaboration.”

Georg Watzlawek

Bürgerportal Bergisch-Gladbach

An open source CRM for community-centred approaches to journalism is something I’ve dreamed of for years. I have a lot of hope it will solve the issues we have at the Bristol Cable, and that others will find it empowering.”

Lucas Batt

The Bristol Cable

Our commitment

  • Trust-focused

Trust is the biggest asset for the success of a community newsroom. That’s why our development is guided by principles like transparency, openness, brand ownership and data ownership.

  • Relationship-driven

We focus on building the tools that help you deepen relationships with your community and increase the joy of participation.

  • Privacy-first

We put the power over your data back into your hands and make you independent from tools that sell out your data. We stay away from privacy-violating design practices.

  • Collaboratively built

We build beabee in collaboration with a strong network of newsrooms who are committed to changing how journalism is produced and funded.

The most important guides for community journalism

We are not the first ones thinking about how to build a community newsroom that let’s people participate in how journalism is produced and funde

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beabee is open source but also works out-of-the-box. Either way, it’s yours: Your tools, your data, your brand, your community.